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China: Great progress, but still stones blocking some roads

June 2, 2012


We have now traveled on Chinese roads for well a week, crossing a small part of this immense country´s south-west. Though our experiences so far are limited, I experiences so far may be summarized as follows: The size of the country – it is simply enormously large and diverse in history, culture, beliefs and traditions […]

Perspectives from Singapore

June 2, 2012


Our first entry to the Far East was Singapore, one of the cities of the world with not only the highest density of shopping centers, but also a multicultural logistics, transportation and financial hub. The standard of living, advanced level of social organization and order, but also the high level of multiculturalism and tolerance, apparent […]

The Moment of Truth at the Norwegian Embassy

May 8, 2012


Planning to go through Pakistan is, of course, a serious matter and something which requires a well planned and well executed Visa-application process. This is why we during the last few days have visited both the Spanish- and the Norwegian embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After first visiting the Spanish embassy, where we were well […]

Five days at the Forest Temple Wat Pa Na Khoun Noi – Lao

May 1, 2012


Traveling through South East Asia, we several times talked about visiting and, if possible, spending some days at a buddhist meditation-center. We kept on changing our plans, however, as we had to adjust all other activities in accordance with our two trips to China and the arrival of our car to Singapore. Just after arriving […]

De mochileros por el Sudeste Asiático

April 30, 2012


Escribí esto en el avión que va desde Vientián a Shanghái… Se terminaba nuestra pequeña ruta como mochileros por el sudeste asiático y sentía pena porque había sido realmente uno de los meses que recuerdo más bonitos en toda mi vida. En Brasil habíamos decidido visitar el sudeste asiático mientras llegaba el coche pero creo […]

Celebrating 50 healthy years with diabetes in Shanghai, China

April 26, 2012


Saturday 21st of April we participated as invited guests in a workshop arranged by Medtronic China in Shanghai. Medtronic used my 50 healthy years with diabetes and our trip around the world as a theme for a dialogue with 10 young type 1 diabetics, all using an insulin pump, and their families. Also various doctors […]

On Two Wheels through the Highlands of Vietnam

April 9, 2012


The five of us just completed a 5 day tour through Vietnam on 4 motorcycles. Our guide Binh (Thanh Nguyen),  a Vietnamee´s patriot with 15 years´ military experience and 10 years as a motorcycle guide, belong to the Easy Rider co-operation based in Dalat ( The tour was off the typical Vietnamese tourist track, something […]

Adiós Américas

March 19, 2012


Despedimos  con tristeza a Adriana en Buenos Aires y por algunos días nos sentimos muy extraños… habíamos estado ocho meses tan íntimamente unidos todos que de repente sentíamos  como si algo muy importante nos faltara. Tenemos que reconocer que Adriana era siempre quien ponía un punto de sensatez y objetividad  en  momentos  de crisis (que […]

Latin America: Facts and Fiction

March 9, 2012


After criss-crossing 15 Latin American countries during the last 7 months, we are towards the end.  The continent has left us with many impressions – some puzzling and others simply leaving us with lifelong memories and good reasons to return. Expecting bad roads, unsafe travels and poverty, Latin America has positively surprised me. With some […]

The Andes region: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina

February 25, 2012


After some wonderful holidays and some very bad roads in Colombia we were in Ecuador. We didn’t really know what to expect, it was an unvisited country for all of us and we were all excited to enter our second country in the South American continent. What we will remember for sure is the long […]


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