4×4 training camp

Posted on February 1, 2011


Today Martha and Oyvin participated in a 4×4 training camp. Very nice – we are not alone and many Toyota-people use their car for what it was built, have done excursions to Africa and are planning similar ventures. These cars are in low gear able to pass terrain where one should think only tractors could pass (mud, snow, rivers, stones and very uneven terrain). We know, because yesterday we did it. We also discovered that the car has a problem with the diesel-filter and will contact Team´s Motor tomorrow to have this fixed.

This training, which took place in December 2010, was very important in terms of building confidence in the car and, for that matter, our driving abilities. Sliding around in the mud and snow and getting a feel for the share weight of the car, speed and momentum were very educational. It really made us understand that minimizing the total weight of the car is critical both for how the car handles, but also to avoid unnecessary mechanical stress on the vehicle itself. During this exercise, we also discovered first-hand the importance of keeping the diesel-filter clean. I am convinced this learning will be important for the challenging ahead!

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