Visit to Lleida Tracció

Posted on February 1, 2011


Today, the whole team went to Lleida to deliver the car to Jose Maria at Lleida Traccíon. Jose Maria, who spent 11 years in West- and Southern Africa leading 4×4 expeditions, is in charge of a small firm which specializes in conversion of cars for expeditions. Apart from being a charming engineer, Jose Maria is also very familiar with routes in Mozambique and we took advantage of a long conversation about our travel options in this country.

We also went item-by-item through the initial budget for the work he has proposed and confirmed the minimum necessary installations. Among the items agreed are strengthening of the suspension, extra-water and diesel tanks, 2 refrigerators amongst other to keep the insulin cold, a hookup for tapping hot water from the radiator,  a mini-kitchen, installation of a platform for 4 beds in a fold-up tent on top of the car and otherwise dismantling all unnecessary parts to reduce the total weight.

Having left the car to catch the train back to Barcelona, the whole team finally realized that the project is becoming a reality.

The car-conversion will be done in about 2 months time and after that it´s only a question of testing everything before departure.

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