Posted on February 1, 2011


The intention of this blog is to record our personal experiences as we prepare for and implement our trip around the world. This project has many significances and implications, different meanings and even varied purposes for each participant. And with participants, I mean both the team sharing this experience with me, but also those that will follow us from wherever they are – friends, family, colleagues, people we know and new friends we will meet as our travel commences.

Our team of 6 will see, hear, smell and touch with 6 different sets of senses, form different impressions and thus have different stories to tell. Accordingly, I expect that the blog will naturally develop in different directions as time passes – maybe divided into sections of special interest to each individual. Time will tell.

It is, however, my intention that this will develop into a platform for dialogue where we may express both factual descriptions, write about excitements and emotions and happiness, and even from time to time air frustrations when the going get tuff or impressions are strong. It is our intention to report what we learn and illustrate our stories with anecdotes, photos and brief videos and maybe even add an interview or two when time comes.

We also very much invite other casual visitors to participate in this evolving venture, maybe with comments, questions or simply a brief hello along the way!

With this our blog is launched – welcome to participate in El World Trip!

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