The Countdown Begins (23 days left)

Posted on May 30, 2011


Its been very long since we posted but we have been extremely busy with school. Now the countdown has begun and we have a little less that a month.
Just a couple of updates along with some pictures.
As you already know our car is finished and the tents have been installed on its roof. We will be posting a video of its setup very soon.
We also attended the first Congress Of Travelling Bloggers held in Barcelona and we met Marc Serena. This young journalist has already gone alround the world and published a book about his findings. He also wrote a blog that won a Lonely Planet Award for best non-english travel Blog. Its URL is but unfortunetly its only in Spanish and Catalan.
We have also been very lucky and we have found some sponsors. They are mainly going to provide us with some material Oyvin will be needing to take care of his Diabetis. This includes a portable fridge, insulin, alcohols swaps and some pump supplies.
We have also found a tenant for our house that is willing to take car of our dog Chief which was great.
Familias en ruta (a website about travelling families) and TV3 (Catalan TV Channel) also held interviews with us. Her are the links and videos.
From now on we will be trying to update the blog consistently. Lets see if we manage…
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