Posted on October 3, 2011


It´s really been a long time since we last posted…

We have finally crossed the USA and if there is something we all agree upon is that the US iss a huge country where you find enormous contrasts. Here you will find a wide repertoire of landscapes, colors and people. Trying to describe it would take forever so I think its better if I just show you some of the things we saw through the aid of pictures:

The typical road sign you will find along the roads of the Wild West…. The GPS gave us a little help here…
Crossing the Badlands (aka Black Hills) in South Dakota.
Another view of these amazing geological formations.
 After seeing Mount Rushmore in so many movies and cartoons, visiting the real statue was a cool experience.
Visiting Annie and George in Boulder, Colorado.  Coming to Boulder and visiting the host families I had made me realize how lucky I had been!  The Flatirons are in the background.
We had the pleasure of meeting Professor Murray and his son Daniel. This is his

A good breakfast is the best way of starting the day.
Mona, Alex and Caro getting ready to bathe in the Hot Springs of Thermopolis.
We made it to Yellowstone!
A solitary bison roaming through the fields.
More waterfalls.
The hot pools in Yellowstone National Park.
The Old Faithful, in time as usual.
We had the pleasure of sharing a day with Adriana´s past host family in Florence, Oregon.
They also gave us a tour the sand dunes with their hand-built sand Buggies. And you thought roller coasters were scary?
A lonely beach we found in northern California just by Highway 101.
The Red Woods.
These things are huge!
We loved the houses we saw in the hilly neighborhoods of San Francisco.
Raymond also found some time to show us around San Fran.
We also had the pleasure to meet up with Jamie in Mountain View, California.
We made it to Los Angeles, and we had the opportunity to pay a visit to the Meditronic Diabetis Headquarters. They explained to us the history of the company and to see the historic time line of inventions such as the insulin pump or the blood-sugar tester.  Thanks you Ben and Jenny for showing us around!
Venice Beach, CA. We didn´t see Kassemg though…
We couldn´t go further south without checking out Yellowstone Natuional Park.
Venice Beach, CA. We didn´t see Kassemg though…
Las Vegas.
We were definitely not the weirdos around there..
The Grand Canyon of Colorado.
“The elements that unite to make the Grand Canyon the most sublime spectacle in nature are multifarious and exceedingly diverse.” John Wesley Powell
The second chapter of the Americas is about to start as we cross the border with Mexico. Updates on that adventure will soon be posted. Thanks for the support!
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