Celebrating 50 healthy years with diabetes in Shanghai, China

Posted on April 26, 2012


Saturday 21st of April we participated as invited guests in a workshop arranged by Medtronic China in Shanghai. Medtronic used my 50 healthy years with diabetes and our trip around the world as a theme for a dialogue with 10 young type 1 diabetics, all using an insulin pump, and their families. Also various doctors and policy-makers were present in addition to, of course, a number of Medtronic executives and their team of diabetes counselors.

On our part, it was a great team-effort where everyone did an excellent job. We illustrated our adventure with photos emphasizing that diabetes and traveling are fully compatible, and, in a wider context, something you can happily live with. It was of course an honor to be used as a positive role-model and for some brief moments we felt like, and was treated as, stars simply by sharing the story of my diabetes and our tour around the world!

Poster of the World Tripo as a discussion theme

Poster of the World Trip as a discussion theme

It was touching to see how the young diabetics and their parents paid attention and how engaged they all were. We answered all their questions and felt that we managed to inspire!

With the Meditronic Team and the kids

With the Meditronic Team and the kids

Our sincere thanks to Medtronic for inviting us and congratulation to their entire diabetes team for an excellent arrangement.


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