Perspectives from Singapore

Posted on June 2, 2012


Our first entry to the Far East was Singapore, one of the cities of the world with not only the highest density of shopping centers, but also a multicultural logistics, transportation and financial hub. The standard of living, advanced level of social organization and order, but also the high level of multiculturalism and tolerance, apparent dynamism and artistic innovation impressed me. The latter is amongst other reflected in a stunning architecture – showing the world what is possible to do when allowing architects, developers and financiers the ability to almost start from scratch. The skyline facing the downtown port and ocean-area is very impressive.

Singapore School of Arts

Singapore School of Arts

When asking a young Indian finance professional, Basba, who was visiting Singapore for a job-interview, about Singapore´s competitive advantage, he was very clear: it is the financial center of South East Asia, with a strategic geographic location as a logistics-/transportation hub and with a high concentration of knowledge reflected in a number of high ranking both public and private universities, business schools, technologically oriented higher education and a number of design- and art academies.

Singapore's Financial Center at night

Singapore’s Financial Center at night

South East Asia, led by amongst others, Singapore, is on the go.


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