Towards the End of an Adventure

Posted on August 22, 2012


Our tour around the world with the family during 400+ days and more than 64000 km is almost at an end. It has been an experience of a life-time for all of us –  a time to learn, a time to explore, a time to reflect on many issues, but more than anything a time to be together as a family.

In this manner, I simply wish to thank each and everyone on the team for their resilience, optimism, courage and  street-smarts. The tour has implied a 400 days´, 24 hours, 7 days a week co-existence and has revealed many truths about each of us and I am sure we now know each other better now than ever in our lives. And, we are still both together and good friends, which in itself is quite extraordinary.  I am very proud and thankful to have been able to share this venture with you.

As so many other overlanders we met on the way recommended, now safe back in Europe it´s a good time to start planning new ventures to overcome the “after-coming-home-blues”.  As you know, both we and the Landcruiser is still in good shape and ready for new rounds around the world…!

My sincere thanks and appreciation also go to our sponsors and particularly to Medtronic who offered me a back-up insulin pump and pump-supplies while on the road. Many thanks also to Lifescan who offered me a blood-sugar monitor and a year´s supply of blood-sugar test-strips and to Smith&Nephew for providing alcohol swabs. Your support was crucial for making us able to make our dream come true, and quite frankly, this would not have been possible without your support.

Our appreciation and warm thanks also go to all our friends and family around the world who invited us to rest, gave us a taste of the local culture and food, but most importantly offered us great company and travel tips along our route.

Thank you also to all the anonymous “angels” we encountered on our tour, individuals who each in their manner offered us a hand when needed – by giving us directions and showing us the way, offering us mechanical assistance and going beyond the call of duty to keep our car in good shape, preventing our car from sinking and offering us a place to rest and camp when needed.

Our experience happily confirms that there are really good people all over the world!


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