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Pakistán, del cielo al infierno (y viceversa)

July 4, 2012


A pesar de que habíamos sido advertidos de que Pakistán no era un país seguro y que teníamos que tener cuidado, ninguno de nosotros imaginó lo que nos esperaba al otro lado de la frontera: solo cruzarla ya nos pareció haber tocado el cielo sin sospechar que tan cerca estaría el infierno. Dijimos adiós a […]

Drama on the Karakoram Highway

June 23, 2012


Since part of  the Karakoram highway, about 8 km, has disappeared due to a mountain top falling down in 2009, taking half a mountainside with it and creating the huge Abattabad lake (not yet on the maps), we had to ship the car on a small boat. First view of the Abattabad Lake (in the […]

More on China

June 20, 2012


 We have during the last 20 days or so driven almost 5000 km from the south west of China to the Pakistani border in the north west visiting Kashgar as our last bigger Chinese town on our itinerary. We have had opportunities to observing how fast and to which extent this country and its society […]

From Singapore to China

June 19, 2012


It was incredible to finally see our own car driving in South East Asian roads. It was not as easy process, though. In Singapore the laws are known to be strict, especially when it comes to the hygiene and cleanliness of the city. For example chewing gum was banned in Singapore in 1992 because of […]

China: Great progress, but still stones blocking some roads

June 2, 2012


We have now traveled on Chinese roads for well a week, crossing a small part of this immense country´s south-west. Though our experiences so far are limited, I experiences so far may be summarized as follows: The size of the country – it is simply enormously large and diverse in history, culture, beliefs and traditions […]

Perspectives from Singapore

June 2, 2012


Our first entry to the Far East was Singapore, one of the cities of the world with not only the highest density of shopping centers, but also a multicultural logistics, transportation and financial hub. The standard of living, advanced level of social organization and order, but also the high level of multiculturalism and tolerance, apparent […]

The Moment of Truth at the Norwegian Embassy

May 8, 2012


Planning to go through Pakistan is, of course, a serious matter and something which requires a well planned and well executed Visa-application process. This is why we during the last few days have visited both the Spanish- and the Norwegian embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After first visiting the Spanish embassy, where we were well […]