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During the last year of high school in the Spanish school system, the students must prepare and present a research-based project – a thesis – including a literature review, research design, and methodology and
a presentation of the conclusions. Alexandra, my 17 year old daughter made her thesis based on our round-the-world trip with the title “A Family Venture around the World – A real life learning experience”.
This study was important to the whole team – it made us realize that common dream was within reach!
Please find this study attached.

During August-September 2010, Oyvin participated in a European educational program in Turku, Finland with the objective of promoting entrepreneurship education (3EP – European Entrepreneurship Educators Programme – Turku, Finland, 2010). To be accredited 3EP fellowship as a certified entrepreneurship educator, the participants had to present an educational project focused on entrepreneurship. Oyvin chose to prepare a program for learning and teaching entrepreneurship and internationalization using our round-the-world project as an educational platform. This program is currently under review by 3EP and ICSB (International Council of Small Business).

As our voyage commences, Oyvin and his team hope to be able to continue this experience-based learning project and possibly be able to share our story with school children and students along the way.

Link to study:  3EP project- Entrepreneurship and Internationalization

Link to Alexandra’s Study: Alexandra´s High School project

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  1. Today I finished my lecture-series in International Trade at ESCI-Pompeu Fabra University. This year I had a great group of students from USA and Canada – active in class and inquisitive on the topic of international business. I´m sure they serve international businesses well once they graduate. By the way, in one of the session on intercultural management, I presented our “A Family Venture around the World” project with great response!

    Students – best of luck and keep your minds global!


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