Among the potential sponsors are companies who specialize in diabetic care around the world. The idea is that these companies might be interested in marketing their products on our web page or blog (with their commercial brand posted) and/or by supplying my father with the medication and equipment that he needs during the trip. Of course, he would also like to promote the idea that diabetes is no hinder to do what you want in life as long as you take care and manage your diabetes well. Maybe the companies focused on diabetes care also would like to get this message across to those of the world’s estimated 100 million diabetics, some of whom, we certainly will run across on our trip.

We will, in principle, not ask the sponsors for funding, but will instead request that they provide us with material (medicines and health products for my father, food products and clothing). In return, we will offer the companies the opportunity to market their products on our car, on our webpage, on our blog in addition to give our personal testimony of the quality of their service- and or products during the trip.


Learning and sharing our experiences:
As our voyage commences, we hope to fine-tune our skills as active observers and listeners and develop the project as learning platform. Based on this, it is our hope to be able to share our experience-based learning project and be able to reach out to and connect with school children and students along our way. It is our objective to share our story, inspire entrepreneurship and ignite a “you can do it” spirit.

During our trip, we will also try to reach out to a number of NGOs and associations, maybe particularly to those which cater to diabetes patients and their families. Again, our message is positive and strong: Yes you can, but with care!


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  1. Mohammad yari

    July 7, 2012

    I met you at doctor office in toudeshk we spoke about deibetic.


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