Name: Øyvin Kyvik
Age: 52
In charge of: Overall coordinator, chief driver, and guide in USA.


Oyvin studied business economics in Norway, did a master in International Shipping at the University of Plymouth, England and then got a job in the United States and moved to Greenwich, CT, USA. After some years in the corporate life he took over a family business in Norway and moved to his home town Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. After one year there, we left for Barcelona to do another project. Once there, he returned to academia and did a PhD in management sciences at Universitat Ramon Llull-ESADE Business School and now combines his time as a researcher, businessman and part-time lecturer. He is also an active member of ICSB (International Council of Small Business). As a diabetic he does a lot of sports to keep his diabetes under control. Oyvin speaks English, Norwegian and Spanish, has lots of common sense, but sometimes little patience. When he has free time, he likes to escape on his BMW R1200GS Adv.

Name: Martha Ruiz
Age: 50
In charge of: Assistant coordinator, manage the operating budget, navigator, taking turns at the steering wheel and guide in Africa and part of Europe.

Our mother, Martha´s parents emigrated from Colombia to Barcelona, Spain when she was only 9 years old. A family of six, they did a lot of traveling while she was growing up. She studied business administration at ESADE and met my father during an AIESEC-traineeship in Boston, USA. She is an entrepreneur; she has started several businesses and is very interested in children and education. She opened “Global Kids”, Spain´s first intelligent play center and still dreams of opening a children´s museum in Barcelona. Martha is the co-founder of CISV (Children´s International Summer Villages) Barcelona chapter She speaks fluently Spanish, English and some Catalan and French. She is a very positive person with a lot of confidence and patience. Lately, she has restored an old private library in Barcelona and rents it out to host cultural and corporate events (

Name: Adriana
Age: 20
In charge of: First aid, taking turns as driver and guide in Asia.

Adriana was born in Connecticut, USA. She is a clever student, has attended several schools and spent one year as a Rotary International exchange student in the USA. Adriana is studying Chemical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, but really hopes eventually to study medicine. She speaks fluently Spanish, Norwegian, French, Catalan and a little Chinese and Swahili. She has always been interested in traveling and exploring new cultures. She loves cooking and reading. She is also a good photographer.

Name: Kristian
Age: 19
In charge of: Photography, video-filming, the communication platform and guide in South America.

Kristian was also born in Connecticut, USA and has grown up very close to Adriana. He has been a student in a number of schools and was a Rotary International exchange student in the USA 2 years ago. He finished his IB (International Baccalaureate) in Norway last year and is now studying a mathematics and statistics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English and Norwegian. Kristian has a lot of talents, plays the guitar, sings and can be very funny. He has a lot of social skills and has always been very creative.

Name: Alexandra
Age: 17
In charge of: Assist with writing the blog and in preparing required documentation before and during the trip.

Alex was also born in Connecticut, USA, but has been living in Spain since she was 3 years old. She has also passed through several schools and was a Rotary International exchange student in Canada in 2008. Alexandra is in her last year of high school, but with no clear idea of what she wants to study next. She is well organized and methodic in everything she does and speaks English, Spanish and Catalan fluently and knows some French and Italian.

Name: Carolina
Age: 15
In charge of: High tech operations, communications, assistant quartermaster’

Carolina was born in Norway is now in her last year of junior high school. She has been active in CISV since she was 11 and has participated in various CISV-programs around the world. Carolina loves music and likes to sing. She is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, good in English and speaks some French. Carolina is very skilled in everything that has to do with high-tech and will assist with her technical skills and give support with her happy and positive attitude.

Name: Toyota Landcruiser
Age: 13
In charge of: Transportation, kitchen-appliances and lodging

We have a Toyota Land Cruiser (HDJ-80) bought in 1997 with the objective of someday doing this trip. The decision of using our car comes from our desire of truly exploring the countries we are traveling through. By having our own means of transportation we are independent and not constrained by time tables.

We first had the idea of using the car as the main mode of transportation in our entire trip around the world, but have since decided to limit the use of the car to Europe, North Africa, South- and North America. We will rent a car in South Africa and use public transportation (trains, buses, ferries, etc.) in the rest of the world. We will take planes to cross oceans or other parts of the world we do not want to visit. We will ship the car in a container from Europe to America and vice versa (if the car has “survived” until this stage).
The car will not only be a driving machine, but will also serve as a place to sleep and cook.
According to experienced travelers, the success of an expedition depends on 4 conditions;
1- Being able to drink
2- Being able to eat
3- Being able to sleep
4- Being able to wash yourself
The car is currently in the process of being prepared accordingly.

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  1. Hello Alexandra, I find it amazing what you’re planning to do. I hope it will become as successful as your blog!

  2. Hehe, Adri were you too shy to add English too to your spoken languages? XD


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